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Signal (episode 13-14), Jang Youngsil (episode 18-19), Mars J-version (episode 7)


Where do I start from? How about next week is the finale? My heart just dropped the moment I realized Signal is going to end soon T_T

The human remains that were found by Hae Young and Soo Hyun were indeed of Lee Jae Han and the damn gangster is on the run after the remains were found from his house, conclusion: someone tipped him. And I pray it’s not someone from the cold case squad. After 15 years Jae Han gets the burial and no one shows up, except for Hae Young and Soo Hyun, because he was a corrupt cop, so they say.

The cold case squad quietly handles the case of Injoo because their chief died and they are not allowed to join the case and because Hae Young is a suspect. Of course Hae Young is not going to sit idle. With the help of Soo Hyun he gets to the victim, the girl who was raped. She’s surprised to learn Sun Woo, Hae Young’s brother, died. She tells them Sun Woo was optimistic and hopeful and because of him she is living, so he is not the one to commit suicide. Hae Young asks about the true culprit and its of course the boy is the son of some high and might douche bag. Hae Young asks her to testify in the court but she refuses because she just found her happy life. Everyone pointed fingers at her when it’s not her fault. Hae Young can’t have injustice for his brother and he wants the past to change so he can save his brother. He doesn’t realize he said this to Soo Hyun but she’s puzzled at his statement.

In the past Jae Han figures out that Hae Young and Sun Woo are brothers, from different fathers. Jae Han was there for Hae Young when he was young but in the shadows looking after him, when his brother was in detention center. Jae Han’s chief offers him to join the dark side but he refuses to do so. Soo Hyun gets dishearten after learning about Jae Han and his first love. She confesses her love to him when he gets injured saving her.

Jae Han and Hae Young both wish each other happiness. Hae Young askes Jae Han to stop looking into the Injoo case because its dangerous for him but Jae Han doesn’t want the case to be a cold case.

Soo Hyun in the past sees the walkie and it comes to life but then nothing much happens that’s until Soo hyun in the present hears Hae Young calling Jae Han’s name. She quietly takes the walkie. In the end she shows the walkie to Hae Young and it comes to life again. Hae Young asks Jae Han to save his brother and shocked Soo Hyun wants to know what’s going on. Hae Young tells her the truth and adds that when the past changes it effects the future in exchange.

Major surprise, Chief wasn’t looking in to the Injoo case but Sun Woo’s death. Sun Woo didn’t commit suicide someone drugged him and murdered him and made it look like suicide. Sun Woo’s mom refused the autopsy as she didn’t want her son to be in more pain.

In the past Soo Hyun found her picture with Jae Han from Jae Han’s belongings. Meaning? He liked her as well?

Jang Youngsil

Okay this is getting old. No one likes Youngsil and the things he makes for the benefit of the people because the wealthy and nobles would lose their power and authority. Where should I sign to get them beheaded?

Hee Je is so easily swayed, God. And I was writing his name wrong, Jae hee. Can he pick one side before the drama ends. He has this BIG ego and that’s the reason of his weakness.


I wonder what would be the opinion of someone who hasn’t watched the Taiwanese version or read the manga?

Anyways, Shiori doesn’t know how to back off, someone push her already!…oh well, my wish got granted in the end, she jumps from the roof on her own and Rei is not there to save her because he’s having a panic attack after remembering what he did to Sei.

Makio doesn’t have anything to do. We don’t know his story or maybe I don’t know because I’m watching it RAW. Maybe that’s the reason I’m not enjoying the series because I’m not watching the subbed version, everything must be going above my head.

Makio doesn’t want Rei and Kira to be together. Oh I see, he want Rei for himself, hmmm or that’s what I thought when Rei was having the panic attack and Makio was there, I was like, “HERE COMES THE KISS”


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  1. Jo says:

    Is it bad that I laughed when you said she jumped from the roof?! Omg, the story is going sideways, but you’re doing an amazing job😁

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