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YAY! HELL YES…LEO FINALLY WON THE OSCAR and Cheese in the Trap also ended. I’m not happy about one of them and its not about Leo winning.

Cheese in the Trap (episode 15-16 END), Signal (episode 11-12), Jang Youngsil (episode 16-17), Mars J-version (episode 6)

Cheese in the Trap

All the while I was thinking what was wrong with Yoo Jung, and tried to justify him, and hated In Ha with all my might. In Ho wasn’t as crazy as his sister but he wasn’t perfect either, no one is though. Okay, I finally know what went down. The person at fault is none other than Yoo Jung’s father. He never understood his son or the Baek siblings. He always worried about his fame and name and the end result was the Yoo Jung and In Ha we saw. In Ho was half sane because he ran away.

I was never excited about the finale because of the behind the scenes and on the scene scenarios going on. Anyways, Yoo Jung finally admitted his fault and set things straight for everyone, but who is going to set things straight for him!? I’m not much bothered by the end but SERIOUSLY a PING!!!


Soo hyun was hella scared but she wanted to catch the murderer for her nightmare to end. That coward tried to commit suicide but Soo Hyun stops him in time. She can’t have him take the easy way. Hae Young had a different take on the murderer’s situation. Only if someone had been there for him and people like him things would have been different. And then the past changes Jae Han catches the murderer and the case is no longer a cold case and of course its only Jae Han who noticed the change.

Finally, we get to Hae Young’s brother case of 1999. Hae Young asks Jae Han to look into the case as its really important to him. This is where Jae Han met the chief of the current cold case team and he made sure everything goes as the higher up wanted.

Its year 1999 someone uploads a post on the school’s website and the rumor starts about a girl being raped. When asked the girl accuses 18 boys of raping her and the eye witness spot those 18 and point out the place they have been hanging but there’s more to the case. Sun Woo, brother to, Hae Young helps Jae Han by pointing at the 7 right perpetrators. The evidence clashes and those 7 are from high and mighty families won’t admit and whole round of trying to hush up the case its Sun Woo who gets blamed for starting everything. Even the girl accuses Sun Woo for raping her. Sun Woo was the one who helped her with her studies and this is how she repays. Hae Young a young boy at that time had no idea what was going on. His father took him from his mother and he came back after learning that his brother has been released and that’s where he found his brother’s lifeless body. In couple of years he got to know the whole truth that it was the police who covered everything and made his brother a scapegoat just because he didn’t have any money, power or any higher ups support.

Coming back to the present, 2015, chief has a change of heart. He leaves his resignation to his boss and I was pretty sure he’s going to die and yes he does but before dying he tells Hae Young that he heard Jae Han’s voice from the walkie but he can’t be alive because it was chief who killed him and he regrets to this day but he had no choice and before he takes his last he tells that he checked beneath the stairs and it was really there. Chief dies and because Hae Young was there, he becomes the number suspect thanks to the boss. Hae Young stays silent and doesn’t say anything.

Soo Hyun makes him talk and he tells her that chief killed Jae Han and the rape case was a fixed one and whoever is behind it killed him. Hae Young remembers he saw the gangster’s car, so he and Soo Hyun check his old house and it doesn’t look like anyone was taking care of it. This is where Hae Young remembers what chief said and he digs beneath the stairs and find a skeleton. Soo Hyun’s the one who looks at the police ID and its Jae Han’s. NOOOOOOOOOOOO T_T

We did get some light hearted moments in episode 13 where Soo Hyun prepared chocolates for Jae Han and he goes, I don’t like that stuff. The whole precinct knows she likes him and he’s the only one clueless or maybe he’s afraid to fall in love again. Comedy movie and theater and crying, anyone? He cared for Soo Hyun that’s true.

In the present time Soo Hyun’s mom dresses her in all pink for her blind date and then things go wrong a skeleton is found and she runs to the forensic and runs into Hae Young and the mood worsens when he doesn’t say the truth about Jae Han.

I don’t wish for anything else except for Jan Han to be alive. It that too much to ask?

Jang Youngsil

I watch this show to amuse myself for what next will Jae Hee do. Jae Hee is such a jealous bitch and I don’t hate him, pity is what I have and I only laugh at his antics. He knows he’s inferior to Youngsil but then he goes like β€œwhy can’t I do when Youngsil can”…well because Youngsil is not a jealous little bitch and he doesn’t harbor hate or any ill feelings towards anyone, you should try this maybe you can be a little more human.

Anyways, love the new clock that Youngsil made and hopefully no one will destroy it this time. Jae Hee was too obvious in hiding Youngsil’s secret place from his friend..tsk..tsk..tsk.


Shiori the annoying girl was the ex girlfriend of Sei and Rei. Rei stole her from his brother and when Sei died Rei blamed himself for that. I so wanted to push her into the sea. She came back because she still loves Rei but I guess she is blind or why else can’t she see Rei has a girlfriend. Rei clearly tells her that he is not interested in her and she tries to commit suicide but Rei saves her. Who is going to save this drama? Why aren’t Rei and Sei identical twins? WHY?


6 comments on “Weekly Watching

  1. Jo says:

    Who is going to save this drama Hahaha. I am so glad you’re watching and recapping Mars because I can’t sit and watch anymore. Why aren’t they twins? They should probably just end it tsk tsk

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      of course anything for my commenter-friends. okay, i want compensation, you have to tell me an amazing drama so i can forget about the mess that MARS is.
      just 3 more episodes to go I CAN DO IT. its ONLY 10 episodes right?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        Haha Marriage Contract drama, Im going to start watching it today. I’ll let you know if it’s good or not. I just started a lakorn khor pen jao sao, so far so good. And you can watch Mars until the end, I believe in you!!!πŸ‘πŸ˜

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          YAY! i will wait for your opinion then. i have never watched a lakorn drama. i believe in you as well.
          okay a very stupid question. how do you put these emoticons?


          • Jo says:

            I like Marriage Contract-it hasn’t WOWED me, but it’s watchable (2 eps so far), I can only watch lakorns in small dosages (too much screaming, I don’t understand the slap/kiss culture), the show was good, but it could have been better. I loved the main leads chemistry. When I find a great lakorn I’ll let you know. I’m using my WordPress app on my phone, so that’s why the emoticons show. Lol, not a stupid question 😁

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Miss Khan says:

    @ Jo, hopefully i will start watching new dramas in April. *come quickly April*
    Oh i see. i don’t use wordpress from my phone so i thought there was some trick to it. Thanks you solved it for me ^___^


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