Weekly Watching

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Signal (ep 9-10), Mars J-version (ep 5), Jang Youngsil (ep 14-15), Cheese in the Trap (ep 13-14)


First thing first, the chief didn’t hear anything, THANK GOD. He didn’t even notice the buzzing/static sound coming from the walkie? Maybe he was busy scolding Hae Young for going through his superior’s desk. Hae Young’s awesome, he takes the walkie and even knows that he’s being watched because of Jae Han’s case and even connects the chief to Jae Han’s disappearance.

This time the year is 1997 and Jae Han meddles in a case Hae Young told him about and it almost costs Soo Hyun’s life, Jae Han finds her in time. She does her best in the past and in present to solve the case and in present time reaches the murderers house. Hae Young please come quickly!! Damn that murderer’s mother, she abused him and he became the twisted killing machine but that doesn’t mean what he’s doing is right.

Damn that head of the whatever his name is. He is planning on dispersing the cold case team.

Jae Han was surprised and happy to learn from Hae Young that Soo Hyun is a team leader and then the transmission dies when Hae Young was about to say that Jae Han is no longer in the world in the present time.

Soo Hyun deliberately mentions to Hae Young his brother’s case, gang rape case of 1991, and Jae Han was a part of the investigation team. Hae Young is still keeping his mum about Jae Han to Soo Hyun.

I love Soo Hyun’s mother. She wants Hae Young as a son-in-law. But there’s nothing romantic going on between Soo Hyun and Hae Young. Soo Hyun is still searching for Jae Han’s dead body.

Jae Han tells Soo Hyun that he doesn’t like to watch movies. Thank you for reminding me, I never forgot that episode T_T

What is this Oh Dae Yang case? Its mentioned in every single episode.

Jang Youngsil

dafuq?! Dafuq! Dafuq! Dafuq!? Jae Hee you jealous bitch. Everyone can’t be a genius, is it that hard to understand? You can never beat Youngsil but that doesn’t mean you can go and destroy everything. The secret club gets burned and the team dies including Youngsil. DAFUQ! Jae Hee just die. Okay this bitch saved Youngsil and blamed him for other member’s death and asked him to stay hidden for the rest of his life or he will be the one bringing destruction to the country. Youngsil changes his name to Eun Bok and lives in the country side and makes musical instruments because of the instruments he meets an official from the palace. The minister wants him to come to the capital but he politely declines. Hurrah to Youngsil’s friend and Lee Chun, they find him and one would thing there would be hugs and stuff but Youngsil gets a punch to the face. Serves him right, how can he stay hidden for years and torment others T_T

Poor king and the princess were so heartbroken after learning about Youngsil’s death and his friend too. The damn ministers are happy because the king is ill and Youngsil is dead. The king knows how to utilize his people for the good cause, if its was me…then again it’s not my story.


Why was this drama even made? The story is effed up. For some reason I decided to watch this episode when I was suffering from an episode of migraine and this worsened it. Rei and Sei are NOT identical twins. DAFUQ? Rei and Makio are making their own love story leaving Kira at the side. I don’t even want to talk about Kira’s painting of Rei. A new girl is introduced, Shiori? I didn’t catch her name and she knows Rei. Her voice is a whisper. Speak clearly and loudly! Why isn’t anyone wearing school uniforms? Does Rei not like to ride motorbikes or what? Any tournament coming anytime soon? Any hope left for this drama? STOP with the pink effects, IT HURTS!

Cheese in the Trap

YAY a week more to go ^__^ for some reason I’m not much interested in this show like I used to be. I need to put the blame on someone so I put it on the one week absence plus Yoo Jung’s absence. This would have been the last week.

Anyways, I totally agree with Yoo Jung, he appeared for a cameo though, he told Seol not to share her notes with other students because they are using her but she still decided to do and was disheartened when she heard what they actually thought of her and she gets her notes stolen. I for one would never take my “special” notes to the school. I will keep them home why, because I’m smarter DUH! Yoo Jung takes revenge for Seol.

Another point for Yoo Jung when he meets In Ho. In Ho gets stuck in a situation and needs money and Yoo Jung drops by. He will help but there’s a condition, In Ho has to stay away from Seol. Well nothing is free in this world right! In Ho ruined his life on his own. Okay his dream shattered and he lost hope but that doesn’t mean that he can become a useless bum. Who told him to open his damn mouth and say nonsense. Yoo Jung should have talked to In Ho. Communicate people!!

In Ha and In Ho need to get their act straight. In Ha needs to stop meddling in everything and grow up DARNIT! She has a habit of mooching and this is really getting on my nerves. In Ho needs to stop whatever he’s feeling towards Seol. She has a BOYFRIEND. I don’t understand Seol, she wasn’t interested in In Ho and suddenly she is being swayed. Girl! I thought you had a firm mind and heart. And then she completely won me in the end when she hugged Yoo Jung and accepted him with all his flaws.

When will we know why Yoo Jung’s dad wanted to keep an eye on his son? I want the reason?

Bora and Eun Taek’s more than friends and less than lovers relationship gets in trouble. Bora doesn’t wish to end their current relationship for being in love and getting heartbroken in the end but Eun Taek wishes for more and he wins. Bora decided to give the dating relationship a go.

For some reason I’m not much thrilled about the next week. Maybe I will have to take my words back. Surprise me!


7 comments on “Weekly Watching

  1. Jo says:

    Im over Mars, the should have just left it alone tsk tsk tsk

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      I totally agree Japan shouldn’t have touched Mars. i wonder why i torture myself every week by watching it. its just 20 mins bla bla bla the excuses that i make but still i think i will watch till the end and see if i come out sane.

      First of all THANK YOU for introducing Go Princess Go. Yes, I watched it with all three endings. I really liked every thing except for the end. Who were those assassins? Who sent them? Why didn’t Qi Sheng and Peng Peng had more than one kid?
      I actually liked the second ending or the drama could have just ended with Qi Sheng and Peng Peng dying and Zheng Peng waking up from his coma dream. There, I mashed the two endings. What the heck was the third ending? Which ending is season 2 gonna follow? Ending 2 please!


      • Jo says:

        Please tell me how it ens. Omg, I have same questions about Go Princess Go,from the random assassins, but my money is on-can’t remember her name but the mistress. I don’t think Peng Peng could handle child birth again 😂 I also like ending 2 can’t explain,but it’s very peaceful?


        • Miss Khan says:

          i’m waiting for season 2 but why are they making one? they got greedy, a low budget drama getting so much popularity, got to their heads. don’t ruin it PLEASE!!
          oh yes, the mistress maybe the one. i never liked her, too clingy. i really wanted her to die.
          but Peng Peng handled baby’s daddy AHHAHAHAHA.
          the 2nd ending was the most suitable. there were no dialogues, just looking at each other, the eyes spoke the lips couldn’t. *me in la la land*


          • Jo says:

            Haha, me too! When they kissed it was just *in la la land* I heard the people requested it. Who knows, they might not,but I think they want strike while the iron is hot. I say, leave it alone or make a very short film/episode

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  2. Blue says:

    Gooooooooosh please don’t tell me they did a Japanese version of Mars. the Taiwanese one is by far one of the greatest dramas ever made, I will not bother watching this new one.


    • Miss Khan says:

      I don’t know how to break this to you but yes, Japan made its own Mars version and failed miserably. Taiwanese version was indeed a great one. Japan’s doesn’t even come close to Rei’s/Ling’s hair. the hell i’m saying? i lost my brain cells after watching J-Mars.

      Liked by 1 person

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