Weekly Watching

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Signal (ep 5-6), Mars J-version (ep 3), One Punch Man (10-12 end), Cheese in the Trap won’t air and  Jang Youngsil also tool a break for the 12th episode.


New week and new case and of course a new year -happy new year- can’t believe I can joke when the episodes were full of sadness. I always thought that Jae Han was the one who started the communication or the broadcast through walkie talkie. But its neither him nor Hae Young. The walkie talkie comes to life on its own but WHY? Every time the past changes everything goes wrong. Someone who wasn’t supposed to die, dies. Soo Hyun starts to get suspicious of Hae Young and his connection to cold cases and higher ups are making sure that no one learns about Jae Han who is supposedly missing and is a corrupt officer but Hae Young knows the truth and knows that Jae Han was framed and killed. Something else also changed. Its always been night on both sides and 11:23pm, when the transmission starts, but now its night at Hae Young’s side and day at Jae Han’s. Quickly change the past for Soo Hyun’s sake. She can’t die. Who kills the only female and strong character in the middle of the story?


I don’t know why I’m watching this show. Its not like I like to torture myself or anything but its just that I want to see how much more can this drama disappoint me, sigh. Who decided for those bright sparkly effects? Dumbo! don’t you know what the show is about?

At this point I’m not comparing anything to anyone and still I couldn’t feel the anger in Rei that he was showing. Are we going to see the serious acting any time soon?

I suddenly want to watch the Taiwanese version.

One Punch Man

and so we came at the end of the strongest man’s journey. Saitama meets one of the strongest ever and still comes out victorious. The end. Still, there are many things which need answer so let’s see if there will be any second season to those questions.

Jang Youngsil

Hurrah! Youngsil sure is strong. If there were this many people against me I would have already left them in misery and would have never shared my talents. You don’t need me? Fine, I will be on my way and may you rot in hell.

The most touching moment was the previous king calling the angel of death as he was ready to get the punishment for his sins.


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