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Signal (ep 1-2), Jang Youngsil, Egg face One Punch Man (ep 6-7) Cheese in the Trap (ep 7-8)


Talk about taking my breath away. I’m so so so so so so so impressed. Okay at first I was not, the start was a bit slow for me and then the story just took the pace leaving my jaw wide open. Less than 29 hours to solve a 15 year old case and a walkie talkie that has no battery comes to life. Welcome to the world of Signal.

I should be studying instead of looking to watch new dramas dagnabbit. Ohkay, so the past changes and it obviously effects the future but the question is….why did the past change? Wait! The question should be, how can someone from the past can connect to someone in the present? And the time is always the same when the walkie talkie gets life, 11:23 and the third time Hae young looked at his watch and we were not aware of the time. I forgot to introduce the characters…(Lee Je Hoon)Park Hae Young, (Kim Hye Soo) Cha Soo Hyun, (Cho Jin Woong) Lee Jae Han. Hae Young and Soo hyun are in present and Lee Jae Han is in the past and somehow alive and dead? Because of Hae Young’s meddling in a cold case, a unit is formed to solve the cold cases to calm the citizens and the statue of limitation is removed. And of course the police is behind in those cold cases remaining cold. I want to know how did Jae Han of 2000 knew the next case will be of 1989, he specified it to Hae Young. And I want to know about Hae Young’s past, what happened to his brother? Hae Young is the only one who realized that the past has changed.

Jang youngsil

Damn you politics. See that’s why science is better than politics. Father and son, king and the prince are poles apart, their views, their thinking, their interests there is bound to be confliction in their relationship. The king literally changed. Poor Youngsil always getting tortured and is Hee Je a good guy or not. He was a bully and still acts mean but then he suddenly changes and feels sorry toward Youngsil. What are you hiding? Jealousy? I’m not getting good vibes now that they are traveling together.

One punch man

I’m so proud of my egg face but first I was really angry at him. Why doesn’t he take the credit for what he’s doing and then the damn meteor hits the city and Saitama saves the people and they dare complain about him destroying the city when he saved their lives. My egg face is strong he doesn’t lose heart and yells right at them and calls them baldies.

Cheese in the Trap

I’m going to give reasons to justify Yoo Jung’s behavior because that’s what you do when you like someone like Seol does. I’m not still sure if I like Yoo Jung or not but what he does is not any different from us. Yes, I have stated this before. He’s nice to those who are nice to him and those who try to overpower? him, he shows them his dark side. Isn’t this the same with all of us? I will be super nice who is nice to me but if you try to be a bitch I will break your face. People approach Yoo Jung because he’s rich, handsome and man of connections and he knows this and plays along. He makes their true nature come out and embarrasses them. I would do the same. People approach me and the first question that I ask is, “what do you want?” I know no one will come to me unless they want something. I’m nothing like Yoo Jung but everyone has some talents. I’m not a speaker and I’m a super shy person. I would never ask for help because the other person doesn’t consider me at their level. Yes, I was bullied. Yes, everyone thinks a silent person must be an idiot or dumb. And then they run into problems and ask for my help and because I’m a nice person I do help them but I make sure they are humiliated. And all of a sudden this became about me and less about Yoo Jung.

One think that I don’t understand is why the guys threat Yoo Jung every now and again saying, if Seol knows about his true nature. They got his wrath because they were in the wrong, well Yoo Jung isn’t a saint either. Yes, Yoo Jung is mysterious and manipulative by nature and sometimes scary but then he appears to be harmless guy with a sweet smile and is handsome and rich and every girl’s dream and can I switch places with Seol? I mean… I just went to la-la land didn’t I?

I’m really and really and really happy for In Ho. He’s going back to his dream and learning piano and Seol is there as his support and can we get what actually happened to his hand?

Someone just take the fake Seol from my screen and Gon and those damn bullies. I almost punched my laptop. Why can’t Seol have a decent life at college?

Long story short, the most important thing is….. are they meant to be? Me Seol and Yoo Jung?

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