I’m watching…


Cheese in the Trap (ep 5-6), Jang Youngsil, One Punch Man (ep 4-5)

Cheese in the Trap

Damn those misunderstandings sometimes you need to talk so you don’t have them. Yoo Jung is one strange guy even though he says he isn’t. He finds faults in others, yes I believe they have those faults but why can’t he see the faults in himself? He wants everyone to move like he says. He wants you to obey his commands without any explanation. Seol has realized this, she has long realized his true nature. Everyone’s good at pointing fingers at others so what makes Yoo Jung any different from us? He just happens to catch the weaknesses and uses like anyone else.

Crazy siblings have a crazy past, they were abused by their aunt and saved by Yoo Jung’s father who knew their grandfather. In ha isn’t doing anything likable, she keeps asking for money from In ho and I hate this side of her and all of her. We get another psycho character, he thinks Seol likes her. Why is Seol surrounded by weird people? I need more on Yoo Jung and In Ho’s past and his dreams that he left because of Yoo Jung.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Really liked how Bo ra’s friends were there for her in the difficult time.

Jung Youngsil

Still going pretty solid and not boring at all. I’m amazed every time how can people recognize someone they saw eons ago. I wouldn’t, seriously, so how can the characters recognize each other, not only in this drama but in every drama? The high and mighty officer never showed up in these two episodes…is he really still stuck in the tree? One the serious note why is the king pretending like he knows nothing when he is fully aware what’s going on?

One punch man 

There was a group of bald terrorists and Saitama can’t have his look copied or be called a terrorist. But Yato? finds them first. Yato, what are you doing here? Yato’s lookalike ninja stops by and his name is Sonic, speed-o-sound Sonic. I don’t know anything about speed or sound because Saitama accidentally killed his sound.

Saitama wants people to know about him as a hero. Genos and Saitama take the hero test. Genos aces the test with 100 out of 100 and Saitama barely passes with 71 marks- 70 is the passing mark- the association is more interested in Genos. What about my egg face?

Genos asks Saitama to have a match with him and he soon realizes there is much difference in their power. He decides to stay with his sensei and of course would pay the rent.

I don’t know why but I felt some sadness in Saitama. And who else noticed his Oppai hoodie?


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