I’m watching…


One Punch Man (ep 2-3) Jang Youngsil, Cheese in the Trap (ep 3-4)

One Punch Man. We meet a cyborg named Genos and I first called him Cyclops then Gambit and then Iron man. At first I thought he will be a villain but he is a nice guy with creepy eyes. He calls Saitama “sensei” and has a sad story to him but Saitama isn’t interested in it heck Saitama isn’t interested in anything except for the sale which he forgot but it still had four hours to go, so all was well. He still fights one big guy every episode and we finally get to hear the secret of his power.

How to get stronger by Saitama sensei
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats
10 kilometers running every day
Eat your meals properly 3 times a day.

Never use air conditioners or heater in summer and winter to strengthen the mind.

Well that’s how he went bald but he never told how he lost his facial features and started to look like an egg.

Jang Youngsil. I’m still enjoying the series even though I feel like an idiot watching all that technical stuff going on because I don’t know half of the names of the stuff they are explaining but the explanation is great but that doesn’t mean I will remember it for all my life. Right now Shakespeare and Chaucer are hovering my head with Ben Johnson, Marlowe and Milton and many other writers and poets. And can that mighty officer dangle for few more days from the tree to satisfy me.

Cheese in the TrapEpisode 3 reminded me of my high-school project. I still hate my group. Was it so difficult to find the material from the internet???? Its not like you had to write it yourself???? Why am I surrounded with such people??? Anyway, after spending the whole episode sulking and ignoring Seol, Yoo Jung wants to date her and this sends her in to the panic mode. I don’t have a good feeling about him. He feels gloomy one moment and is all smiles in the next. He ignores the hell out of her and when he thinks it’s okay to forgive he decides to talk. You may be handsome Yoo Jung and every girl’s dream but you need to fix this attitude of yours. Or I can just wait for my real life husband to find me. Seriously, where the heck is he? Lost? Should I find him first?

We get to know about Seol’s family. Seol went to ask her parents for help with her tuition fee but they have their own problems.

We get more info on the crazy siblings. Yoo Jung’s father is supporting them and Yoo Jung thinks its time they get on their own feet. The awkward meeting between Seol and In ho is turning in to a sweet friendship and Yoo Jung is not liking it. What does he like? Both In Ho and Yoo Jung said to Seol not to get close to the other. Seol feels more lively when she is with In Ho and a bit awkward and uncomfortable with Yoo Jung. Yoo Jung is mysterious and calculated and creepy and scary but WHY? And now Seol has started to wonder more about his personality especially after the delusional girl told about Yoo Jung’s attitude when Seol was in danger.

I loved how Seol’s friends, Bo Ra and Eun Taek, didn’t believe Yoo Jung wants to date her and thank goodness Bo Ra and Seol are friends again.

Moorim School. I decided to watch Moorim School and after 29 seconds the video suddenly stopped. My internet died. I tried again and watched for few minutes, couldn’t understand what was going on and I was getting sleepy and so I turned off the video and went to sleep.


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