D.Gray man is BACK!!!


Okay people time to fasten the seat belts because I almost fell from my chair. I need to calm down first. I’m too hyper but….. but KKYYYAAAAAAA D.Gray man is coming back, FINALLY!!!!! I’m in tears. This is such good news. God has finally listened to our prayers.

Okay so the new series will have new seiyuu. I’m fine with it unless the voice doesn’t match the characters or everything else can go to hell because D.Gray man is here with new characters. Will it follow the manga? Or will it continue from where it left? Please don’t suck.

Here, watch this beauty and scream. KANDAAAA……ALLENNN…..KOMUIIII, I hope you have toned down the experiments. Earl! Let’s be less creepy this time but I guess not. Are you the new entry purple haired guy? Who will you side with? You look evil, but then Kanda looks evil too, well that’s because he has that grumpy, cold face all the time, what’s your excuse? I don’t see Lavi T_T please tell me he is in the series.


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