Where have I been…?


My doodling drawing skills… I need some classes

So yes I suddenly disappeared and I really and truly apologize for that. Difficult time doesn’t come asking it just barges in and it happened like that with me. I had some family problems but now everything’s fine by the Grace of Allah. I stopped my every other activity, and sometimes I just stopped breathing too.

Its time to resume my life once again. And what would you know….my exams are here. They are in a month or so. You may or may not know I’m doing my Masters in English Literature and now I’m stuck with my books. Pray for me guys.

I’m not watching anything. All the dramas and anime that I was watching before disappearing are still waiting for me, hopefully I will find the time like I did when I watched the MOST AMAZING DRAMA OF THE YEAR. You might have heard the name or you must be living under the blankets in this cold. How could you not know about the Chinese drama “Nirvana in Fire” (Lang ya Bang)? How and why??? Everyone’s talking about it. If you haven’t watched it I urge you to do so and admire the beauty of it. Mark one thing for sure you WON’T regret it.


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