Noragami Aragoto: Episode 4


The nightmare Bisha had in episode 1 was not just a nightmare, it was reality. Now we know why Bisha hates Yato and what Kazuma said about Yato, he’s a savior and not an enemy, is true.

Kuga locks Kazuma and Hyori’s spiritual form and Kazuma’s worried if Hyori isn’t returned to her body soon she will die. Yato takes Hyori’s body to her parent’s hospital and takes a trip to Kofuku to get Yuki so he can get back Hyori from Bisha.



Kazuma ransack his brain, why would Kuga betray their master and what are his plans. He soon realizes Kuga wants Bisha to reincarnate and he would take control of her and so he is using Yato to kill Bisha by kidnapping Hyori making it look like Bisha is behind it. Kuga tells this exact plan to Aiha. Aiha has started to feel guilty.



Hyori asks why Kazuma’s name is different from the others. Bisha’s other shinki’s have HA with their name except for him, he’s a MA. Kazuma tells the story how the MA clan was wiped out by Yato and he’s the one who asked him. Bisha used to keep every shinki she found like she still does and Kazuma’s original form was of a nail and he had to hear the harsh words of other shinki for injuring Bisha but Bisha was kindhearted.



Bisha started to get blighted and no one was coming forward to take the blame and the ablution of all the shinki’s was useless. Bisha’s health was declining every day and then Bisha’s shinki started to fight each other putting the blame on the other for Bisha’s health. Kazuma had heard of this God of calamity who would do anything and he asked for his help and Yato agreed to help him. Bisha survived but she started to hate Yato.



Yato arrives with Yuki at Bisha’s mansion by Tenjin’s help. He’s not afraid to enter from the front door and Bisha’s waiting for him. She wants to know why he killed her clan and he wants Hyori back. Both the parties are not willing to talk and clear this misunderstanding. Kuga has made sure Bisha’s not in perfect health but she is the God of war. Bisha is the one who gets the above hand in the fight. She traps Yato and is about to slice him when Yuki manages to come between them and takes the hit.



One comment on “Noragami Aragoto: Episode 4

  1. Alex Ramsey says:

    The last scene left me shocked even though I knew what was going to happen later, thanks to reading the manga. But OMG!


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