She Was Pretty: Episode 10


See the words on Hye jin’s shirt. It takes a lot of that to tell the truth and of course to tell lies as well, be it falling in love or just talking you just need COURAGE. But the thing is you need it at the right time or it’s too late.The time and courage actually waits for you and then when you decide to tell the truth the fate plays with you and the truth gets out without you saying anything.

Like it happened with Ha ri and Hye jin. Hye jin knows the truth about Ha ri and Sung joon.


It happened with Sung joon and Ha ri. He knows her real name.


It happened with Sung joon and Hye jin. He fell in love with the right girl. 


It happened with Shin hyuk and Hye jin. He fell in love with someone he can never get.


It happened with us. Some of us have yet to find and tell some truths.

Does that mean that the rest of the six episodes will follow Sung joon and Hye jin’s lovey dovey life and I would have to watch Shin hyuk being lonely? Are we going to get a new girl for Shin hyuk? Me?

My bromance died before even blooming.



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