She Was Pretty: Episode 9


A week has passed and I have yet to find a friend like Shin hyuk. What? Do I have to get out of the house to find him? Is there a guarantee that I will meet him if no then I’m happy in my dark room.

There is a brain then there is a heart both keep clashing with each other. And then there is Ha ri and Sung joon and Hye jin and somewhere far away there is Shin hyuk as well.


Shin hyuk is the only one who doesn’t like the change in Hye jin. He likes the old Hye jin with curly hair and freckles. She doesn’t play and argue like she used to.



Ha ri once again decides she needs to end the game thanks to Shin hyuk. I really envied Ha ri and Hye jin’s friendship.



Sung joon and Hye jin understand each other more than anyone. Sometimes they use words and sometimes silence is enough to speak words. Sometimes they forget their own problems and sometimes their heart speaks for themselves.


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