She Was Pretty: Episode 7


Sung joon has started to smile more. He is not the grumpy pants he once was. He’s comfortable with Hye jin. He enjoys her company. He finds himself smiling more when he is with her and then Ha ri happens.

The trip starts with some awkwardness. Sung joon shooting down every thing Hye jin decides to do. He acts all high and mighty but it goes down when he realizes he dosen’t have his wallet with him. Hye jin has to pay for the food but she is short of money as well and their colleagues think they are being conned so they decide not to take the call. Hye jin and Sung joon end up doing the manual labor and Hye jin ends up losing her employee ID. Sung joon finds it for her from the cow dung though he lies that he picked it from the floor.



The second party of the trip which is the annoying girl and the puppy boy. Annoying girl deliberately takes the wrong route. She wants to spend as much time with the puppy boy alone so she can seduce him because he is rich (she thinks he is rich) but she ends up embarrassing herself and puppy boy thinks she is cute.


Shin hyuk’s bored because Hye jin is not there and his colleagues won’t “play” with him the way Hye jin does. So he appears in front of Hye jin and Seung joon when they were enjoying themselves and Hye jin was about to tell Sung joon about her real identity. Seeing Hye jin and Shin hyuk being so close Sung joon gets jealous. Hye jin and Shin hyuk had to bring Sung joon back to his room because he drank alcohol which he has a low tolerance to.



First Sung joon got jealous now it’s Shin hyuk turn when he sees Sung joon has taken pictures of Hye jin. Hye jin tells him that she is going to come clean with Sung joon and that’s when Shin hyuk realizes he likes her but she thinks its one of his jokes like how he said Hye jin reminds him of his sister but he’s actually talking about his dog.



Ha ri steps up her game and asks Sung joon, if he meets her because they are childhood friends? She has sorted out her feelings and kisses Sung joon on the lips. Hye jin and Shin hyuk happen to pass by but its Shin hyuk who sees the couple and stops Hye jin from looking at them.



And there was this Johnny Bravo moment when Shin hyuk called himself handsome after looking in the mirror.



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