Yong Pal: Episode 18-END


So who else thinks they wasted their time with this episode. I DID!…I DID!…I DID!. Absolutely nothing happened in this episode and if something did happen it only made you scratch your head.

And who think they wasted their time with the series? Well…the start was good then the romance happened and then the story lost its balance and now the series has ended so we should be thankful for that.

All the baddies, Chae young the secretary and the directors, got arrested. The cop dude made his one last entry.

vlcsnap-2015-10-02-16h17m11s157Yeo jin was saved by some random dude also called Yong Pal brought in by Cynthia.




One comment on “Yong Pal: Episode 18-END

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