She Was Pretty: Episode 6


And in the last episode I was feeling sorry for Ha ri but now I have come to absolutely hate her. Why does she hide from Hye jin that she meets (loves) Sung joon? Well, because Sung joon is Hye jin’s first love.

Anyway, I don’t like how innocent Ha ri behaves in front of  Sung joon and Hye jin and then she tries to lessen the guilt by being really good to Hye jin. I don’t need a friend like her and I will hate everything if Ha ri apologized in the end and then everything would go back to normal like nothing happened….grrr no drama no, don’t take this route.

Without knowing somewhere in his heart Sung joon has started to realize that the ugly Hye jin is his Hye jin and the beautiful Hye jin is a stranger but dammit Ha ri gives him proof that she is the real one. But no worries, Hye jin and Sung joon get to go on a business trip alone. Alone? But they are together.



If they are together then who is alone? Me!

Love the bromance even though its one-sided.


Shin hyuk is like a magnet both Ha ri and Hye jin end up telling him all their worries.



And there is this girl who gets on my nerves.



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