She Was Pretty: Episode 5


Should we feel pity for Ha ri for falling for Sung joon who feels guilty for doing that? After all she is Hye jin’s friend the friend who is Sung joon’s first love. This wasn’t supposed to happen. The meeting was just for one day and everything was to go back to normal but now what..?

Hye jin tries to protect her identity from Sung joon as always and Shin Hyuk helps her. He knows her real identity thanks to her being drunk and blabbing everything. Did Shin hyuk really lose her sister? There is some progress between Hye jin and Sung joon. He scolds her….well that’s not unusual but he scolds her for not taking care of herself and doing everything others are asking and Hye jin accidentally hears that the magazine “THE MOST” is going to shut down. 



Ha ri still doesn’t think Shin hyuk is from a wealthy family and Shin hyuk’s mooching ability from anyone and everyone is amazing. Ha ri asks a big favor from him she wants him to lie to Sung joon that he is marring her but Sung joon gets stuck in the traffic due to an accident and there he gets a panic attack because he lost his mother in a car accident. Hye jin happens to pass by that place and runs to help him. Sung joon feels that she is his Hye jin. Why are they sitting in the middle of the road?



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