Yong Pal: Episode 16


Is this the price of becoming the owner?

Yeo jin wants war because she can’t handover evil brother to the rival.


Tae hyun plants some flowers for Yeo jin and asks his body-guard and evil doctor to help save the evil brother.



Yeo jin wins the fight by making her rival lose millions and loses her evil brother. She knew her secretary is a betrayer. He’s been in contact with the rivals. But then why didn’t she save her brother? She could have sent men to save him or maybe she wanted her brother to choose for himself.



Evil brother died because of his own stupidity but his wife is sad. I don’t want to question about her love for her husband when she hated him. Maybe her hatred was a facade.


Tae hyun realizes he can’t be in Yeo jin’s world and Yeo jin can’t leave her world to be with Tae hyun and he doesn’t blame her for his mother’s death but he regrets saving her, though he said that in anger.


What’s for them in fate’s store? Will they be able to live happily…alone? or together? Let’s hope for a satisfying end.


2 comments on “Yong Pal: Episode 16

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