Yong Pal: Episode 15


Once you are in power and have everything in your hands the enemies will start crawling up to pull you down. At that time you need your sixth sense to see who is your friend and who is a foe.

That being said, the drama was about Yong Pal but now its all about Yeo jin. Yong Pal is on the back burner looking at his smart watch.


So what happens here is Chae young calls Tae hyun and he immediately leaves and Yeo jin like a jealous wife keeps tabs on him. Evil brother’s life’s saved but he’s been given the same treatment Yeo jin was given, which is, sleeping in the restricted area. Chae young isn’t allowed to meet him and she’s lied that evil brother says he will give her divorce.


Evil doctor is well and alive and on his feet and now follows Yeo jin. She tells evil brother that he will stay here for three years and then she will help him in killing himself but the secretary has other plans. He can see Yeo jin is wavering because of Tae hyun and if evil brother’s life is spared then he won’t be alive.


Tae hyun once again tells Yeo jin to give up on the revenge. He tells her that she is alive because of the evil doctor and the dead director. All the professors left their patients to attend her and because of that some patients died because their wasn’t a doctor to perform on them. Evil doctor was stuck in the failing lawsuit and around that time Yeo jin’s case happened and evil doctor was the one who saved her and then the hospital saved him. Yeo jin gets the clue and asks the secretary to look into the patients who died on that day.


Coming on to the secretary’s, kill the evil brother, plan. He calls Yeo jin’s dead boyfriend’s father on the celebration party of Yeo jin becoming the chair woman. He (let’s call him, rival) wants evil brother because he heard a rumor but he doesn’t know the truth so he wants to ask the evil brother. The truth is that the boyfriend died because of the evil brother. Yeo jin isn’t willing to give him her evil brother because she will be the one to kill him and rival’s fine with it. After all, Yeo jin should take her revenge but she has only three days and after that its war.



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