She Was Pretty: Episode 2


There can’t be a drama without a drama. Now that Hye jin and Sung joon are working in the same company and in the same department and he is her superior and he doesn’t like how clumsy she is and he hates how are name is Hye jin.

Their first meeting was the calm before the storm. Hye jin’s scared to meet him, what if he recognizes her but Ha ri calms her down but Hye jin’s too paranoid and ends up writing the resignation letter which she later rip apart because she can’t have him insult her every time. Sung joon bumping because he was not looking was hilarious and Hye jin was the one who got to see this. Every girl in the company is ga ga over Sung joon but he has this prickly personality but that’s because the magazine they are working for is about to be discontinued like in three months and to stop that from happening everyone has to work hard but the thing is no one knows the dooms day is here except for the editor in chief…I forgot her name…the one who looks like a crazy woman (Ra Ra?Ru Ru?) and she is the sister of the company’s owner and her nephew also works there. Do we know him? Is he….



Ha ri emails her picture to Sung joon, saying, she is happy in London and then Seung joon sees her at her workplace, actually grabbing her wrist and then the dramatic turn. She works at a hotel, so she is a hotelier.



And let’s see, what excuse Ha ri comes up with. and when will Hye jin change her bombarded looks? and what will be Sung joon’s reaction after realizing the Hye jin he hates in the Hye jin he’s searching for?…Stay tuned


2 comments on “She Was Pretty: Episode 2

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  2. alriyg says:

    Thank you for your post , i really enjoyed the series


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