Yong Pal: Episode 13


And this is how you get revenge. Hmmm and here I thought siblings love is pure and for this impurity everyone is at fault. Why didn’t the father gave equal rights or share in the inheritance to both of his kids? Why make one a criminal yourself by pushing him and giving him the lowest treatment.

If this was a revenge drama, which it is..I think, and evil brother was fighting for his right we would have been on his side and praised and applauded him, for doing what he did to get what was his, like we are doing with Yeo jin but since its not the drama where the illegitimate fights for himself we have no right to defend him. Though I can’t defend what evil brother’s been doing it’s too much for my taste….I think.

The episode starts with Yeo jin almost being dragged away for life and Tae hyun making in time with the marriage papers and getting the victory over evil brother. And it was the cops who brought him back. That was very nice of them. 

Yeo jin the goody two shoes asks her brother, why did he do what he did. Girl, are you blind or what? He’s an illegitimate and you know how illegitimate are treated in the “wealthy” world. You can only see the unfair treatment given to you, what about the evil brother?


Anyways evil brother who is supposed to be smart and evil threats the VVVIPs with the USB and he just dig himself a grave and the secretary helped in the digging. He has changed sides. I kinda had a feeling but don’t make this a habit. The VVVIPs present are not the one who have black deeds done but they are corruption investigators or something like that and so the USB is taken and the evil brother is arrested with the Go dude.



The funeral doesn’t go to waste because remember Young mi. Yeo jin lived as her and now the real Young mi gets the proper funeral and all the wrongs that evil brother did, like selling the company and firing the employees, she puts everything in the right place.

vlcsnap-2015-09-17-09h52m27s645Go dude decides to stay silent. He knows he will be out in no time. Well it’s not bad to dream. And who would have thought that Tae hyun and the cop would become friends. Long live the friendship.vlcsnap-2015-09-17-09h54m09s514Poor Chae young’s life takes a 180 degree turn. Yeo jin makes sure she’s not welcomed in the house.


Tae hyun feels uncomfortable with the sudden respect given to him but its an order and the servants have to obey. In the newly weds life Wifey is preparing food for hubby and hubby takes the command and prepares the food and even cleans the dishes. And then they tease each other because they are sleeping in the separate rooms err I mean separate building. Why? The head maid? Butler? calls Tae hyun a guest. Didn’t anyone tell her that he is the hubby of the new chairwoman? And she has some illness and Tae hyun asks her to come to the hospital.



In the morning Tae hyun gets a lavish breakfast which looks like a feast for a whole family. Like a common family hubby kisses her wifey goodbye and leaves for work.

vlcsnap-2015-09-17-09h58m06s448On other news evil doctor gets a panic attack after learning that Yeo jin is still alive. God knows what will happen to you dear. On to the evil brother. He sits comfortably in the general prosecutor’s office and GP tell his that the USB is fake and evil brother thinks this is how it will be covered. No you nut job its fake.


Our new chairwoman goes to work and their comes the news of the Go dude killing himself and Yeo jin has a smile on her face even though she wasn’t told what has happened and I don’t know what was the significance of the secretary putting the wheelchair outside the room. Does this mean she isn’t a weak woman anymore? She isn’t dependent on anyone? Is she the one behind Go’s death?



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