She Was Pretty: Episode 1

she was pretty

So much fun and so much sadness and so much happiness and so much guilt and so much prettiness and so much ugliness. If you want to make yourself pretty no one in the world can stop you but if you want to look like someone who has some loose screws then everyone will talk about you.

What’s with Hye jin? I get that she is poor and doesn’t have a stable job and when she does she is treated like a slave… well that’s because of how she looks. It’s her fault. Why? Because why hasn’t she cut her hair and why isn’t she wearing some decent clothes? Nothing is wrong with her face, a little touch up can do wonders. She just wants to appear like this and that’s all.


Not wanting to prettify yourself is your fault then why is Sung joon to suffer? He once was a chubby boy and she was the pretty girl are opposite now. They are childhood sweethearts and haven’t seen each other in years. Hye jin doesn’t have the confidence to meet him because she is embarrassed of herself so she asks, her friend, Ha ri to meet the guy pretending to be her. Give him a chance maybe he isn’t interested in looks. What if Ha ri falls for Sung joon while pretending to be Hye jin?


The most saddest part was Hye jin watching Sung joon and Ha ri from afar.


And the most hilarious was Hye jin’s meeting with Shin hyuk and the restaurant scene.


And the most ridiculous part was, Hye jin working hard and being humiliated because apparently when you are not pretty you are immune to insults and belittling.


Okay so the story is about a girl who once was rich and pretty and then lost everything even her beauty. And the boy was chubby and now is handsome. They are childhood sweethearts and haven’t seen each other in years. Now the girl looks ugly and don’t have the courage to meet the guy and so she asks her beautiful friend to meet the guy pretending to be her. Great! now this beautiful girl will take the handsome guy and the ugly girl will wait till he realizes he is in love with the wrong girl and because he was never in love with the beauty or the face he will go back to the ugly girl breaking the beautiful girl’s heart…or maybe she will dump him for her friend. Oh and add the second male lead in the ugly girl’s life.


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