Yong Pal: Episode 11


Yes! yes! yes! this is what I want. The thrill, the nerve-racking thrill. Once again Tae hyun and Yeo jin make plans of their own and seriously I need to take classes from them on how to be smarter than your enemies.


Evil brother announces his sister’s death to the world but in reality he is naming himself as the official heir. Chae young has long stopped the clumsy act. She wants divorce but evil brother won’t giver her. He was always abandoned and now no one can abandon him unless he abandons them. Chae young doesn’t want him to play the victim when he is the assailant. She tells him about her past. She loved someone, had her baby, but the guy’s company went bankrupt because she was to marry the evil brother and her lover committed suicide and she aborted the baby and now she wont ever have the evil brother’s baby. Evil brother forces himself on her but he can’t have her. I thought the secretary would get another glass smashed to his head (because he hid Chae young’s past) but evil brother held it in.



The secretary is being pushed aside. He is losing his importance. Seeing him neglected and ignored by evil brother Yeo jin contacts him. Yeo jin and Tae hyun both get the help from the secretary. He doesn’t even know he is being used.



Yeo jin is back to the hospital but not without a plan and for that plan she wants Tae hyun to leave the hospital. She asks him to marry her and be her heir and guardian who will protect her from the evil brother. Tae hyun responds “yes” with the kiss.



Tae hyun wants to save the evil doctor and asks for chief nurse’s help and she gladly does. She lies to the secretary that the evil doctor saved Yeo jin and took him somewhere and just like that the evil doctor is saved. Tae hyun manages to escape from the hospital with Chae young’s help.



Yeo jin according to her plan and her father’s instructions goes to her room on the 12th floor. I love the hi-tech room. Anyways she sees the video her father left for her. In which he apologizes and calls her the true heir of the company. He reveals that her boyfriend and evil brother were in contact with each other to throw her out but the boyfriend became greedy and evil brother had to dispose him of with his sister. Yeo jin finds the USB which will guarantee her position as the chairman and no official will be able to touch her because the USB has their black deeds on it.



Yeo jin finally calls the secretary to her room and he thinks he has cornered her but she commands him with the fierce eyes to kneel before her.



Is Yeo jin going to make the secretary his minion/spy because he is useless to the evil brother now?


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