Diyar-e-dil: Episode 21-25


If you get at the point where you have to choose between two things then listen to what your heart says but the condition is your heart should be clear – Agha jaan.

What Agha jaan did 25 years ago was wrong. But he’s not the only one at fault Behroze and Rohi were at fault too. Agha jaan has long realized his mistake and had asked for forgiveness. Behroze knew he was wrong and so he apologized as well but Rohi wont bend no matter what. Why Rohi why? An old man is apologizing and you are not even listening what he has to say. Rohi and her selfishness will be the end of her.

Poor Agha jaan ends up again in the hospital and this time doctors have estimated that he has only one year. Wali keeps everything to himself but his sister Zarmenay knows Agha jaan is not doing well. She is a medical student and has read the medical records.

Faarah has finally realized that her mother keeps black mailing her and now she has enough of it. Rohi can’t have this and she leaves the house, leaves Faarah alone just because she is rebelling against her mother and isn’t black mailed anymore.

Agha jaan knows his time is near. He wants to tell his granddaughter how much he loves her but she hates him. Wali can’t see Agha jaan like this. He immediately leaves in anger to Faarah’s house. He drags her from there and warns her not to move or say anything or he will kill her. Go Wali goooo

Wali will do anything, he can threat her or scare her just to make sure she listens what he has to say. Faarah surrenders and asks what he wants. Wali asks her to sign a contract in which she has to stay with Agha jaan for 3 months and she will get what she wants i.e. divorce and her share in the inheritance. Faarah will do anything to get the divorce and signs the contract.

Every time Faarah’s uncle Tajamul and his wife Zohra open their mouth I start rolling my eyes. They are such cunning people. They have a way with words and can make an innocent person guilty.

In the haveli everyone is surprised to see Faarah but no one is happy more than Agha jaan and Wali tells him that she came to meet him which is a lie. Agha jaan thinks she came because she heard of his illness. Wali’s mother and sister get upset and angry with him for bringing Faarah.

Rohi gets the news about Faarah and she calls her and asks her to come back but Faarah has decided to stay and it’s her own will.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable Faarah feels safe and secure in the haveli and wonders why. This is the place and people she hates. Wali doesn’t like the way Faarah dresses and is always in her room so he tells her there are some rules and she is to follow them. She has to stay with Agha jaan all the time except for when he is resting. Faarah doesn’t want to lie about why she is here but Wali warns her not to mention the contract to anyone and not to talk to her cousin or anyone else in front of Agha jaan. I like how he taunts her but she is Faarah she answers him back with the same force but sometimes Wali feels guilty after speaking his mind like calling Faarah’s love “acting” towards Agha jaan. Everything goes smoothly but then God knows from where Faarah’s misunderstanding jumps in again and Wali has to take things in his own hand. Love how Wali time and again reminds about Agha jaan’s love for her and she finally accepts Agha jaan’s love after a heavy emotional scene -sniffs.

Zarmenay, Wali’s sister makes sure that Faarah gets the message that she hates her. Faarah is the reason Agha jaan had another heart attack so she is not welcomed in the haveli. And whenever Agha jaan met Rohi and Faarah he ended up being sick. Arjumand is a mature woman even though she doesn’t like Faarah but she can’t deny that she is the haveli’s granddaughter. She thinks there is more to Faarah than meets the eye, after all she is Rohi’s daughter.

I don’t like The way Moeez worries and gets angry with Faarah. Who would have thought Moeez was such a bitch? He isn’t interested in Faarah. He just wants her inheritance. Die bitch die. Wali gets upset when Moeez comes to take Faarah but Faarah doesn’t budge. She came on her own will and won’t leave. Moeez has his eyes on her inheritance and will do anything to bring her back.

Zarmenay gets a proposal for marriage and she is asked about her opinion. Faarah goes silent because her permission wasn’t asked and was forced into the marriage.

Yipeee the drama is going solid plus everyone’s acting is so great even Faarah’s character has started to act like she should and Agha jaan is love and Wali is sweet.


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