Yong Pal: Episode 10


Better much better than the previous episode at least the dose of romance was low but still something is missing. Its time to make decisions and Yeo jin and Tae hyun make their own without consulting the other.

Tae hyun takes the mother and child to the hospital and there he is surprised to learn about creepy nurse’s and the director’s death with the evil doctor missing. He is more surprised to learn that his sister is in the hospital. He tries to take her away but fails. He has to save his sister and so he meets with the evil brother but he isn’t helpful either but the secretary makes sure his sister leaves for states. Chae young offers Tae hyun to stay by her side and she will protect him.


Tae hyun knows he has nowhere to go. He is trapped and will be killed and so he writes a letter to Yeo jin, asking her to move on as they can’t be together.

vlcsnap-2015-09-05-09h37m38s822Jealous doctor sees Tae hyun talking to the chief and the chief favoring him. Grrr he calls the cops and everyone meets at the airport. Tae hyun and his sister, the evil doctor and the cops but there is one more party. They are here to dispose the evil doctor and they manage to stab him and Tae hyun to the rescue. Instead of catching the culprit the cops catch Tae hyun. Dammit they know he is Yong pal.



Tae hyun’s stay at the police station is short. The higher up helps him. Tae hyun comes back to the hospital and the nice nurse tells him about evil doctor. No surgeon is willing to operate on him. In this the jealous doctor makes his appearance and is shocked to see Tae hyun there.



Chief nurse takes a trip to the church and tells Yeo jin about her father’s last words.
Yeo jin has decided to take things in her hands because God is not helping her and she shows up at the hospital as Young mi.


What is Yeo jin’s plan? Is she there to save Tae hyun or for her father’s last words? What did her father say before dying….I’m dying to know..not really. If its nothing important then thank you, keep it to yourself. If it’s a huge secret spill it out before the second last episode.


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