Yong Pal: Episode 9

vlcsnap-2015-09-03-15h27m17s774I want to pretend that Yeo jin and Tae hyun are in love and I was just sleeping when the romance blossomed but I can’t do it. I can just sit and pray that the next episode be thrilling and may there be less romance and more of “Yong pal”.

Tae hyun and Yeo jin spend their days happily being in love and playing with the neighborhood kids and kissing when they are alone. Yeo jin promises the priest she will forgive her enemies.


Yeo jin tells her story when she and her evil brother were close and Tae hyun tells his story. His sister got the sickness because of him. He accidentally gave her the wrong medicine.


Evil brother with his new partner makes plan for the company but the secretary doesn’t trust Go. Chae young reveals some of her true side. Evil brother can do what ever he wants but he shouldn’t touch Tae hyun.



The people who knew about Yeo jin start dying one by one. First is the creepy nurse then the hospital’s director. Evil doctor gets scared for his life and there is a new creepy nurse for the dummy Yeo jin. Remember Yeo jin is alive for outsiders.


Finally, Yong pal into action. One of the kids comes running to Tae hyun for help. His mother is pregnant and Tae hyun wants them to go to the hospital but they are illegal immigrants. Tae hyun performs the c-section but the situation gets complicated and he decides to take them to his hospital on the 12th floor. Yeo jin makes him promise to come back.



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