Yong Pal: Episode 8


Don’t get me wrong, I really and literally squeal when the characters fall in love and have lovey-dovey scenes but this is too sudden. I don’t understand what was happening. When and why did Yeo jin and Tae hyun fell in love? Yes, they started as friends and he risked his life to save her’s still there was no hint of anyone falling for the other and here we have both of them in love with each other. No I don’t want this plot to speed up like this in the romance department. We still have so many episodes to go.

Yeo jin is upset and won’t talk to the nice nurse or Tae hyun. He saved his life but she hates him. She wanted to go with the Go dude. Even though, he would have done the same like her evil brother. She knows if it’s revealed she is alive her evil brother will make sure she will die again. I really didn’t understand what Yeo jin wanted here.



This cop will definitely find Yong pal’s identity. He shows up at the hospital though he didn’t get much but the jealous chief resident is suspicious of Tae hyun. I hate smart people who are dangerous for the main characters but then I hate idiot villains.



The regret and guilt of killing an innocent person is now hunting our evil doctor. Anyways, evil brother calls the evil doctor and Tae hyun to his lavish house. Chae young knows her husband will either bribe or blackmail them and he does both. While drunk, evil brother embarrasses himself. He was older but was illegitimate. Why was he saying in front of his wife that he killed Yeo jin and her boyfriend? Well the boyfriend was not a nice guy because he had joined hands with the evil brother but then he broke the promise. Evil brother plans to cremate Yeo jin’s body and put her next to her boy friend’s near the church where they planned to get married.



Chae young tells Tae hyun about Yeo jin and the effects after her boyfriend’s death. It was Yeo jin’s father who wanted her to remain in a coma until he dies. Yeo jin’s father didn’t want her to be in pain because of him. He dies after six months and Yeo jin never woke up.



Eeppp creepy nurse calls evil brother’s secretary. She wants Yeo jin but before we can get what her reason and plans are she is run over by a truck. It’s the evil brother’s and Go’s plan. The shocking thing is that the evil nurse had a picture of her and Yeo jin smiling. Here I thought Yeo jin hated her. what’s their relationship?



Tae hyun puts the sleeping Yeo jin in the car and drives her to the same church. Yeo jin wakes up and Tae hyun is taking the road where she and her boyfriend had the accident. He leaves her at the church and tells her the evil brother is helping him with his sister’s matter. He leaves a cellphone with her and tells her she has one chance to call anyone. Tae hyun never left, he’s just waiting in the car and Yeo jin calls him. They plan to stay there in the church and the priest allows them. They can’t sleep and they go back to the church. Yeo jin tells him that if she has one chance to call anyone. She will call him and then she suddenly asks for some time. Time that would heal her wounds. And suddenly Tae hyun kisses her. What just happened?



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  2. serenity says:

    @Miss Khan
    Thank you for doing recaps. I’m watching 2 dramas at once. So far, I enjoy this action suspense medical drama. Yong pal is daebak. Joo Won is awesome too! I’m watching a culinary arts rom-com drama called I Order You. Have you seen it yet? Check it out.


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