Yong Pal: Episode 7


With all the conspiracies and back stabbing a slower episode was a nice treat but I want the drama to be back at its own pace. With that said this episode had some more plotting going on. Well it’s not Yong Pal if there is noting happening.

Tae hyun about to die himself tries to save Yeo jin but she is not coming back to life. He tries to revive her. He promised her, he will save her. He has to save his sister too. He took all the insults and endured every hardship. This can’t be the end. The good nurse brings another patient for Tae hyun but she dies and Tae hyun’s body give up and Yeo jin comes back to life.



Tae hyun goes to the surgery and Yeo jin gets the identity of the dead patient, Young mi. Her face is bandaged just like Young mi’s. Yeo jin is told about Tae hyun’s condition from the nice nurse.



Love the scenes with the nice gangsters. Tae hyun’s minion, the loan shark gets thrown into jail for some reason and the cop hears him talking to an inmate about Yong pal but he stays mum. The cops dig out his phone records and damn there’s a call from the hospital.



First the evil brother comes to check up on Tae hyun. He says, he owes Tae hyun but what? (saving his wife??) And then his wife Chae young comes to see him. She makes sure every doctor is there for him. He must live or she will fire everyone.



Evil brother now the sole owner of the company plans to enjoy his life but this Go dude wants some enjoyment as well. They have to join hands and pretend Yeo jin is still alive or evil brother will have to face loss from the shares going down. The guilt of killing Young jin has started to rise in evil brother’s mind.



Evil brother checks if his wife knows anything about Go’s plan but she convinces she has no idea what he is saying.



Tae hyun wakes up from his sleep, and the first thing he does is, he goes to Yeo jin and puts on a song, “Angel by Westlife”. They both dreamt the same thing, being together at some beautiful place. Tae Hyun takes Yeo jin out on the rooftop. Its first time for her in three years that she is outside from her stuffy room. They happily chat and Cynthia drops by. She is leaving for America. She makes Tae hyun leave and tells Yeo jin that she knows it’s her and that Tae hyun is a nice guy. He didn’t take her offer which could have saved his sister. Tae hyun’s comes back and Yeo jin is sitting alone in a daze wondering, what she has done.



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