Surkh Jora: Episode 17-18


This day was gonna come sooner than later. Anaya made the plan with Ishan and dropped the bomb on Zimil’s parents that she is in the city, she never left. Anaya sure is beyond delusional and Roman is one strange guy how can he not notice Zimil is not Abeya, when he is confident he can recognize his Abeha?

An unmarried girl staying with a stranger, no one wants to hear this about their daughter. But Zimil’s parents still give her permission to stay at Roman’s place and her aunt comes from UK with Sayam and stays with Zimil. Sayam from time to time throw fits and I want to slap him every time he does that. He gets so rude and doesn’t even look who is standing before him. His love for Zimil knows no bounds but someone tell Zimil about this guy or Roman will win her heart.

Roman has become a changed person. He asks Zimil to wear the clothes she likes and he won’t say anything but he has noticed the change in her. Zimil’s aunt almost makes a mistake calling Zimil’s name she quickly stops herself and calls her Abeha.

And the good news is Ishaan and Anaya’s plan flops and she ends in jail and Ishan runs away abandoning the girl he liked, supposedly.

And what the what was this random scene of Roman fainting in the car and his father and Zimil happening to pass by from the same road. And was it Zimil’s hallucination seeing Sayam in Roman’s house? And there was a little mistake Roman says Zimil’s name instead of Abeha’s.

Drama get your drama together!


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