Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Live Action


Here I’m after watching the first part of Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan’s live action. To be very honest I didn’t have any high hopes well thank God for that. First of all I never wanted to watch it because WHERE IS LEVI? I hate this Levi 2.0 in the movie. I liked when the colossal titan appeared, it was scary and that’s the only titan I liked and Eren’s and the baby one too.

The story is a bit different. We got three best friends Eren (Miura Haruma), Mikasa (Mizuhara Kiko) and Armin (Hongo Kanata). They wish to see the world beyond the walls and their wish soon comes true as a titan appears nearly after 100 years. Everyone runs for their lives and midst Mikasa and Eren are separated and just like that we lose Mikasa and 2 years.

Eren and Armin have joined the regiment. Here we meet the rest of the cast err I mean the squad. Where is Annie, Marco, Connie, Reiner, Bertolt, Historia? Who are these random people in the squad?

Its time to take back the land that was taken by the titans and we know peace is not their friend. The squad run into titans and Levi 2.0 (Hasegawa Hiroki) appears to help them with Mikasa. Mikasa doesn’t talk to Eren or Armin for some reason. Mikasa and Levi 2.0 has something going on. Poor Eren screams in agony. Were you guys in love? Why is there suddenly a love line?

Eren wants to kill every titan well because he is the hero and Levi 2.0 can’t take all the credit plus the girl. And so Eren saves Armin and gets eaten. Mikasa feels bad but it’s too late dear or not. Eren makes his entry again but this time as a titan and Mikasa recognizes him. He beats the titans and collapses. Mikasa pulls him out and he opens his glowing red eyes.

And that’s it. Yes, I did cut some scenes. We all know, potato girl, Sasha likes to eat and Jean likes to fight and Hanji is a titan maniac and oh yeah Eren almost got laid ahahahahahaha. Not funny because the girl dies.

Eren’s scarf which he gave to Mikasa after her parents death and asked her to stay with his family was changed into the three of them at the wall and Mikasa feels cold and Eren gives it to her *head desk*

It’s a nice movie if you don’t go deep into nitpicking which can’t be helped if you have watched the anime and read the manga. Where is Levi? Why wasn’t he included? What the what this random dude threw the titan over his shoulder like it’s a school bag and where did the arrows and axes come from? You can only kill the titans by attacking their neck. Were you guys not informed? Anyways the CG is good but I didn’t really like the titans. They are not fresh red meat, you know? The 3D gear was okay and so was all the flying.

And now the theme song “Anti-hero” by “Sekai no Owari”


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