Yong Pal: Episode 6


Now this is what I call a mind-blowing episode. I really like this about Yong pal, every episode has something to offer. Tae hyun only wanted to save his sister. How did he end up in the hospital politics, secret plans and conspiracies? The scene is set the actors are there so who will end up with the trophy, Yeo jin…!

Every party wants Yeo jin. Who is to be trusted? (Can she run with Tae hyun and live a happy ever after life?) Evil brother wants Yeo jin dead now that the share holders have gotten the court order to meet her. Evil brother’s wife Chae young wants to save her but what are her intentions? Cynthia is with this Go dude and he wants Yeo jin alive or dead and he wants Chae young dead as well and then there is the creepy nurse who installs the camera and hears the biggest secret about killing Yeo jin. She can’t have that and she goes on stabbing the hospital’s director and announcing that the evil brother is going to kill her innocent sister. At least she did something good. I hope everyone heard that.



In all of this Tae hyun promises to Yeo jin that he would save her. He makes his own plan and asks for chief nurse’s help. At first I thought Tae hyun called the evil brother to tell him about his wife, that she is in danger but he told him about Cynthia and Go’s plan.



Evil doctor almost had a heart attack when Yeo jin opens her eyes and calls him a murderer but that won’t stop him from slitting her throat. Dammit. 



I shook my head at the fighting scene. I mean you have 3 bad people and a whole team of security guards and the guards doesn’t stand a chance against them…dafuq? In all this commotion Tae hyun takes the bullet for Yeo jin, but is it really Yeo jin? The way the stretcher was going back and forth and was shoved from right to left the body would have definitely moved but it didn’t because it was a mannequin and the real Yeo jin is with the evil doctor but the chief nurse is there too. She goes according to Tae hyun’s plan but the mastermind is absent and Yeo jin is declared dead.



Did Tae hyun knew about the whole mannequin plan? I don’t think so, why would he get the bullet then? And his expression at the end, he was shocked or he is just a good actor and took the bullet for his sister’s safety. Cynthia was so bad-ass, loved her when she tore her skirt and kicked the guy….WOHOOO… supporting the wrong party but still WOHOOO.



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