Yong Pal: Episode 5


Another amazing episode and I loved how the crazy nurse was owned. Loved how Tae hyun had the upper hand, then Yeo jin won’t let her rest and then the evil doctor gives her leave. MUHAHAHA

She is crazy beyond crazy. Why is she so obsessed with Yeo jin? And what the heck was that slap for? I was confused, who did Yeo jin flirted with? Crazy nurse needs help from mental institute.


Why can’t Tae hyun have a peaceful day in his life? His sister is dying and he can’t do anything and when a ray of hope appears it costs fortune to grab it. He has no choice but to make the deal with the sleeping beauty. She will help him if he helps her. They soon realize they both are similar and if you are similar you are friends, right? And Tae hyun’s sudden hug with Cynthia made her confused.



What’s Chae young’s real identity? Does she want to save Yeo jin because she has to gain something from her? But I love how she doesn’t trust anyone.



Why was Tae hyun and Yeo jin talking so calmly for such a long time? I was nervous and panicking and then fell from my chair when the crazy nurse saw them. I knew it, that’s why I was yelling at my screen but NO they won’t listen. NO ONE LISTENS TO ME. 


Throws glass at the secretary’s head

vlcsnap-2015-08-20-08h53m05s471  vlcsnap-2015-08-20-08h53m32s730


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