Yong Pal: Episode 4


What is the cost of human life? Why is rich person’s life more valuable than a normal innocent person’s life?


Tae hyun realizes what he has gotten himself into. He knows Yeo jin is deliberately put to sleep. He has to keep the secret for the rest of his life or his sister’s life is in danger.



Evil brother’s wife tries to come closer to Tae hyun and he doesn’t know who she is that is until he meets her again and her identity is revealed. She wants to save Yeo jin and wants to meet her.



Emergency rises when the woman Tae hyun saved in the last episode goes on a plan to kill everyone in the hospital. She is angry and resentful because of what happened with her. Only the VVIPs are told to evacuate with the sleeping beauty. Tae hyun feels helpless in this situation. His own sister is in the hospital.



Tae hyun tries to persuade the woman and tells her that only the innocent will die. This has a positive effect on her but then the situation changes and she is the one who is trapped and will die if not saved. Tae hyun risks his own life to save the girl and the day.



Tae Hyun’s relation with his father is not good. Well he’s a douche bag who used to beat his wife.



Yeo jin listens to Tae hyun talking on the phone and wonders what kind of person he is. For a moment he thinks that she can hear him but then the damn nurse intervenes.  Tae hyun is in need of money and a girl’s (Yeo jin) voice behind him asks her if she should give him. Dun dun duuunn.



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