Yong Pal: Episode 3


Dream high, aim big and have the will to achieve the dream is the way to success…is for people like you and me. Hotshot people don’t need this. They have money and money can buy anything.


Tae hyun may not be using the name Yong pal anymore but he is doing what he does best, that is, saving lives. His all of a sudden promotion gave him privileges and made him a brand new man but he also became someone who everyone is jealous with and not to mention Tae hyun’s sarcastic tone doesn’t help him much, not his fault I tell you. He asks to be assigned to Yeo jin’s room and is granted the permission. Tae hyun has already met her but at that time he didn’t know who she was.



Meet Shin…I mean Cynthia the floor manager. She tells Yeo jin’s history to Tae hyun and she is the one who encourages him to serve Yeo jin.



This is Chae young. She is the evil brother’s wife. She appears to be a no-brainier but she is watching her husband’s every move.


Yeo jin is sleeping but her mind is awake. She knows she is trapped and what’s happening arround her. The darkness lifts when Tae hyun introduces himself to her.



And this is one creepy nurse.



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