Surkh Jora: Episode 15-16


Is it me or the drama doesn’t know where it’s going? I’m hella confused. It feels like I have missed an episode or maybe I have?

Zimil already read Abeha’s diary with Sayam and all of a sudden she finds the diary in Roman’s closet and is shocked to learn what happened with Abeha…da fuq??? And for some reason Zimil is changing her opinion of Roman. Gurl what’s wrong with you? One episode you want to take revenge and the next you are falling for him. Give me the in between. How can you grant him a not guilty verdict…on what basis?

Zimil’s parents are going to meet her in England? But they don’t know she is still in the country and finally Sayam realized his feelings for Zimil. I knew from the day one that he likes her but I can’t say the same for Zimil. He is just a good friend for her. Is this a Desi version of The Time We Were Not In Love?


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