My Trip To The Dentist


So almost all of my teeth are uneven and randomly grown. My wisdom tooth got a cavity because of it and the pain was unbearable and I went to 3 different dentists and they concluded that it would take surgery to pull the tooth out because it cannot be filled and Monday the 10th was the D- day T_T I reached the dentist at almost 7:30 in the morning and the doc came after 8:30 and I was his first patient.

Let’s cut the anesthesia and waiting part. Let’s cut everything because it took effin one hour to pull the damn tooth. The doc used every instrument he had stored in the drawers and all his strength and power. I was about to give up half way. Though I was not feeling pain, but I could feel pressure of the pulling. Poor doc asked if I want to take a break and I said “NO, keep going” of course with the head movement. Poor guy and the nurses were tired. Anyways after an hour my tooth was successfully out but in three big pieces and many gazillion little pieces. Yup the doc had to break the tooth. That means I have strong teeth? I got three stitches and they will be removed after 7 days. And just like that I decided, never to pull out a tooth.


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