Yong Pal: Episode 2


I hate when people use others weakness to control them. And who would have thought Tae hyun’s identity as Yong pal would be out this soon? It’s the second episode not the second last episode but the pace is good so I’m enjoying everything.


I thought Tae hyun would be caught the way he crushes the water bottles but I was wrong it was the damn scalpel that reveals his identity. The cop guy is smart or the loan shark is dumb. He was the one who said the cops don’t have time to find him with the scalpel but that’s exactly what the cop did. He even reached the hospital and noticed Tae hyun. But he is not the one who caught him. It’s the evil doctor who is keeping Yeo jin in a coma on her evil brother’s order.



We get Tae hyun’s story why he likes money so much. Tae hyun’s mother died because the doctors were busy attending a VVIP (we don’t know who the VVIP was yet). A similar patient with no guardian or wealthy background is in the hospital and Tae hyun wants to transfer him to save his life but in the end he decides to operate on the patient himself.



Yeo jin wakes up from her beauty sleep and she is not happy at all.



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