Yong Pal: Episode 1


Cheers for a fast paced drama. I was missing you in my life and please don’t suck or what can I do, you have my favorite actors. I would just bite and watch everything….maybe.


This is Tae hyun aka Yong pal which means a skilled quack (he is a duck? Duck pretending to be a human? Is this what the story is about?) He is a doctor, a third year resident and a very competent guy. He is asked by seniors for help every time they are about to lose a patient. He loves VIPS, by helping then he will get money and he needs money desperately to save his sister. At night, (well it was night every time he was called) he dons a persona of Yong pal and operates on criminals and gangsters aka baddies and gets money. And baddies and criminals know that they will live if Yong pal treats them. Yongpal has a sidekick with him and this dude is a loan shark. He seems like a nice guy…for now.


Police is supposed to be on the right side, the side of justice but if they peruse to catch Yong pal we need to talk then, guys. Yong pal is a nice guy so hands off and back off. I like Yong pal’s bag and how he crushes the bottle. Oh no! He will be found out in no time like this. You have to stop crushing bottles or you will regret. Don’t say I never warned ya.


This is Yeo jin. Our sleeping beauty. She loved a guy but daddy was against it. He ended up dying and she ended up at his funeral but she wanted her own funeral too so she jumped from her room and landed in a never ending coma. This never ending coma is given to her by her evil brother, Do joon. Siblings love is out of the question I guess. Yeo jin is waiting for “someone” to call her name.



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