Mask: Episode 20 Finale


Here we are at the end where everything has to go to its place but what’s with this episode? More than half of the episode felt like a flashback. We knew what kind of person Seok hoon is, only the rest of the characters never knew. So they had to know the truth while I looked at the time and stopped myself from forwarding the episode.

Seok hoon reveals that it was revenge for him but the reason behind it was not strong. His father was a worker at daddy Choi’s and was injured then he was fired. He fell while protesting and was paralyzed. Sok hoon’s mother died and daddy Choi gave him money. Had some pictures taken. Smiled and left.

Mi yeon always called Seok hoon liar when he expressed his love but now she asks him to say those words and it doesn’t even matter if it’s a lie and he says that he never loved her but this was a lie too. He fell in love with her or why would he come back on Mi yeon’s death (actually she committed suicide). He confessed to his crimes and went to jail and I know where he is going from there. He said he was going to Mi yeon.

Min woo’s story with his mother is strange too. Daddy Choi never knew he had a son and when he did he send his people instead of coming himself. Min woo’s mother was scared and ran and we all know what happened.

Ji sook lied to everyone and had her punishment. She stayed strong because Min woo was there for her. She will live happily with her family of three.



3 comments on “Mask: Episode 20 Finale

  1. Jo says:

    Haha I love your summary! The ending was cute and then the random kid? I was confused, also, the beginning he woke up with his clothes (I digress). MY dying was so sad but I felt like she still just blindly loved SH and didn’t get punished. SH going to jail YES. I command the writer for letting JS get punished too because she did commit a crime and the maid too. But you are right it felt like SH and etc show. Also, why was’t EH’s dad so sad that his daughter died? I am glad Daddy Choi didnt purposely try to take MW and I am proud of MW choosing to protect his love instead of choosing the company unlike his Dad. The stepmom idk what to say. I loved how everyone at the end got what they deserve. Sidenote: It might be my fanfic mind or the people around me who read fanfics but did you feel the love between Scar and SH when SH was running from the police?!!! I wanted to know their back story.

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    • Miss Khan says:

      I started to lose patience and interest in the drama but sill it ended good. oh yes, the random kid ahahaha whose kid are you? why don’t you resemble JS or MW? MY shouldn’t have died and SH never told her his real feelings. they can meet in hell, no worries.
      EH’s dad was never there for her. he was busy climbing to get to the president’s chair. now he can get what he want by the sympathy vote, is what i think.
      i really laughed at that scene with SH and his minion. it did felt like something was going on. SH was cheating on MY with his minion ehehheee


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