Scholar Who Walks The Night: Episode 7


This episode felt it was never going to end. I shouldn’t have watched it when I was tired but still I made it.

Sleeping competition. But Gwi cheats and energizes himself first.


Seung yeol has no energy and dies. Well he didn’t had a heart beat. Yang sun cries and Seung yeol is up and all of a sudden she is blind and can’t see his eyes are red or his fangs. He hid his fangs really quick though.



Jealous woman and worried man finds them and Seung yeol sends Yang sun away.


Seung yeol has Yan sun and Gwi has 2.0 taking care of him.


Seung yeol pretends to be the lustful student and helps people tormented by Gwi.



Yang sun wants to see Seung yeol but her sister stops her or she will be captured again. Sister knows Yang sun likes Seung yeol and sends her dressed like a girl and no one recognizes her except Yoon but he pretends that Yang sun is dressed like that so he won’t get caught. 2.0 meets Seung yeol.


Yoon decides he will reveal his identity as the lustful student and Seung yeol decides to  protest the lustful student and will reveal his vampire identity.



I swear I hate the King and if he sacrificed Yoon for the throne I hope Gwi eats him next.


Yang sun doesn’t wanna leave Seung yeol and wants to know the real reason he is sending her away.


What’s the deal with Yang sun’s father? He tried to burn the journal. I know he wants to save Yang sun but…I can’t connect with the story T_T


Okay, I’m interested again.


5 comments on “Scholar Who Walks The Night: Episode 7

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  2. hanakimi91 says:

    I’m on episode 6 and I’m confused, should I drop this drama? Like you say some episodes feel like you have to force your self to watch them. I already lost precious time with “High Society” and “The time we were not in love” this summer dramas are not at their best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      that’s one tricky question. sometimes when watching a drama i can’t answer this for myself. let me tell you how i watch such dramas. i take a break after watching 10 mins of the episode.
      I don’t know about High society haven’t watched but TTWWNIL is really a waste of time.
      i agree with you about the summer dramas. the heat is killing me and then there comes a boring plot to seal the coffin.

      Liked by 1 person

      • hanakimi91 says:

        thats is what I’m talking about. I’m afraid I’m gonna waist my time with “Scholar who walks the night”, but on the other hand I can’t drop it easily.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          I’m this close in dropping Scholar. i don’t know why but for me the story is slow and boring. I haven’t watched the 9th episode yet. if you are not leaving Scholar then do tell me if there is a change in the pace.


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