Mask: Episode 19


And here I thought something different would happen. For goodness sake, this is the second last episode, try to wrap things up drama!

Life! Why do you give tests? Why are you so cruel? Why are you the most important thing? Or is it love? Love and life, can one live without the other? “Love conquers” but “Life is precious”. Use your time and think carefully then life your life with the person you love. Please don’t be like Seok hoon and Mi yeon and if you know that someone is like them then please report ASAP.

And why in the world does Min woo gets accused every effin single time? Why? Why does the truth have to suffer till the end? Why does evil win every time? But one victory of truth is what it takes to end the evil, though it comes late like very late and by that time most of the viewers have left the show.

I don’t know what goes in Mi yeon’s head. Sometimes it feels like she has a bipolar personality. She has realized the way Seok hoon is now is all her fault. She kept defending him in everything wrong and now its time to repent but her opponent is Seok hoon and we have one more episode to go.

One comment on “Mask: Episode 19

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