The Time We Were Not In Love

not in love

If you are wondering what happened to TTWWNIL (The Time We Were Not In Love), I dropped it after the 6th episode. I can’t take it anymore. Won is acting like he has some serious dreadful and contagious disease and he is going to die and that is why he is not telling Ha na that he likes her. It doesn’t feel like he is scared about his friendship with her. And Ha na has Won somewhere in her heart but she is to busy with Won’s “friendship” to notice her own feelings.

The clingy girl aka the second female lead is getting on my nerves since she appeared.

The mysterious guy aka the second male lead appeared out of nowhere after dumping Ha na and we don’t know the reason he dumped her and the way he acts all high and mighty makes we want to smack his head but let me wear my heels first.

Unless I have a change of heart, or the story starts to make some sense, I’m not willing to watch this.


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