Surkh Jora: Episode 13-14

vlcsnap-2015-05-30-20h34m31s103Who would have thought there would be progress in this drama? Miracles do happen. And just like a miracle Roman woke up but that was it, he didn’t respond to anything not even to Zimil’s presence who was dressed as Abeha, the hatred in her eyes for him was evident. Roman responded to her voice and just like that he came back to life. He doesn’t know two things. First, his mother is dead. She suddenly died. It was too much for her to think that her son is a murderer. Roman’s father lies that his mother was angry with him so she left. Well that’s not a total lie. Roman’s parents were always fighting. And second Abeha is dead too.

Sayam is going crazy because of Zimil and vents his anger on his aunt and apologizes. Aunt has a plan, her cousin is a high rank officer and will help Zimil.

Anaya and Ishan did nothing except Ishan asked for money and Anaya gave her card. Great! He is using her and that stupid thing can’t even sense that.

Roman gets discharged and Zimil gets in a tricky situation. She can’t go to his house as his wife but then she compromises. Roman has to come back to his daily routine but he can’t walk yet thanks to being in a coma. He wants to get better for Abeha and regrets what he has done and confesses his love for her. Zimil is unaffected. Roman tells his story how he grew up in a broken family and how he yearns for love. He wants to tell her about how Anaya came in his life. It was his mother’s plan so she can torment her husband. He wants to tell her everything so she can understand if he starts acting differently.

I so want Roman to go crazy in front of Zimil just to see her reaction. She is not Abeha, maybe she will smack the craziness out of him. But for now how will he react after knowing the truth about the death of his wife and mother?


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