Diyar-e-dil: Episode 16-20


Wali without telling anyone starts learning about Agha jaan’s business. He says goodbye to his dreams and decides to stay for his family. He knows Agha jaan is in no shape to handle the business and if he left everything will be over. His mother and Agha jaan can’t make him take back his decision.

Loved how naturally the drama skipped the years and stayed on the track.

Money sure makes people crazy who would have thought Rohi’s brother Tajamul and sis-in-law Zohra would be such cunning people. Tajamul asks Rohi to tell Agha jaan to take responsibility of Faarah’s studies. Faarah wants to be a doctor(Zarmenay, Wali’s sister is also becoming a doctor.) and it’s an expensive education. Agha jaan gladly takes the responsibility and opens a joint account for Wali and Faarah though Faarah is the one who would have the cards and cheque books. Tajamul emotional black mails his sister with wife and gets a hefty amount. Rohi has lost her mind and just keeps on spending money for no reason and when Faarah asks her she ends up getting angry. Grrrr…Its not your money woman…! If not for Agha jaan you guys would have been nowhere. 

Agha jaan went again and again to bring Rohi and Faarah back but were never succeeded thanks to Rohi. It’s not Faarah’s fault that she thinks negatively about Agha jaan. Her mother fed her all of this and then she gets to spend the day with him and realizes Agha jaan is such a sweet person but her hatred towards Wali is still the same. Rohi emotionally black mails Faarah once again and she again ends up hating Agha jaan…again.

Wali on the other hand likes Faarah because she is his father’s choice. I love Wali and Faarah’s bickering. He was so cute when he was telling Agha jaan how Faarah doesn’t like him and is frank with her cousin Moeez. Hehehe jealous boy. And who would have thought the sweet boy Wali can lose his temper and roar like a lion when he sees his wife Faarah with Moeez. Tajamul’s son Moeez gets on my nerves every time he appears. Why can’t he understand Faarah is already married. How can he just go and propose her?

Rohi and her brother decides to get their kids married once Faarah is divorced from Wali. Moeez takes Faarah to a restaurant to propose her and Wali happens to be there. If he wanted he could have dragged her but he didn’t but his anger is not subsiding. He liked her but not anymore. He will never divorce her. Faarah gets scared and her side takes help from the law of course using Agha jaan’s money. A legal notice is sent to Wali and he who was already angry and tensed swears he will not let her be.
Agha jaan comes to meet Faarah with his faughter-in-law, Arjumand. He is saddened to hear that it is indeed Faarah who wants the divorce and Faarah is surprised to learn her side has asked for inheritance too. She just wanted divorce. She is not interested in money, says the girl who is becoming a doctor and living a luxurious life using Agha jaan’s money.

Loved the scenes with both sis-in-laws, Rohi and Arjumand. Rohi’s husband Behroze was once engaged to Arjumand but he rejected her. Rohi thinks Arjumand is jealous but what Arjumand feels is pity for Rohi because her husband regretted marrying her in his last days. Both parties don’t wish to have their children married but Arjumand has bowed down to her husband’s wish. Arjumand looks so graceful and the way she speaks feels like she is giving an order or a command.

How can this drama be so good. Yes there are flaws like Faarah suddenly switching sides. It’s so sudden I get confused. Faarah make your mind wouldya!


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