Mask: Episode 16


Kkyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the drama can end right now and I won’t have any regrets except that Seok hoon is still out of jail and alive. 

I want to know Seok hoon’s story so I can feel bad for him and root for him to get his revenge. Poor Mi yeon why did she married such a guy. Now she is sure her husband wants to kill her brother. Stupid effin love why are you blind?

Loved Ji sook in the episode. Loved how she cornered Seok hoon. Loved how she fought for Min woo. Loved how Min woo confessed his love to Ji sook and not to Eun ha and loved the kiss Kkyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

3 comments on “Mask: Episode 16

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  2. Blue says:

    The KISS was the best!


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