Scholar Who Walks The Night: Episode 3


Who has the diary? Does it exist in real or is it just a myth? Will the story move forward because I feel like its been revolving on the same path.


Seung yeol saves Yang sun first by running and stabbing her and himself and jumping into the lake and then giving her CPR and Gwi screams in anger.


Yang sun wonders if the whole incident was real or not and Seung yeol lies to her and makes her believe that what she saw was just a dream.


Stupid effin politics. Gwi has planted a minion as a minister and he raises the issue on dismissing Lee Yoon as the crown prince. The king meets Gwi himself and tells him that his son told him about the journal.


Yang sun shares her story that after an incident that took her memory she started dressing like a boy because a priest told them. Yang sun and Seung yeol start their journal hunting and someone else is hunting them. Soo hyang send an assassin to kill Yang sun but she forgot that Seung yeol is with her. He gives her a pendant of hawthorn to protect herself from vampires. Soo hyang thinks Yang sun is bad news but Seung yeol is keeping her with him.


Why is everyone being followed today? Lee Yoon is being followed but he knows that and gets the guy and he tells that he was acting on the other minister’s order.


Lee Yoon saves Yang sun from the loan sharks and even pays for her. He still doesn’t know she is a girl.


Seung yeol met Lee Yoon’s father before he died and he told him the secret to stop Gwi is a person. What?? and we don’t know who this person is. Is it Yang sun or Myung Hee’s doppelganger?


Yang sun comes with the happy news about the diary. Seung yeol waits for that person to appear but he sees a girl and she looks like Myung hee and he suddenly hugs her.



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