Mask: Episode 15


Even though Min woo is in shock and did a bit of his own investigation on Ji sook, he still worries about her. His heart is broken into pieces but he can’t help but think about her and Ji sook is worried about Min woo. This is love, true love.

And the loan sharks are not dead. He made a deal with Seok hoon or he will tell about the switch of the girls and the loser boyfriends death. Mi yeon on the other hand made a deal with the loan shark too but she wants to know about Seok hoon’s weakness.

Seok hoon is going ahead with his plan alone. He threatens his father-in-law by sending an anonymous letter and a USB, telling him to give Min woo half of the shares and make him the president of the company or the whole world will know that his daughter is a murderer.

Ji sook can’t let Min woo take charge of the company because Seok hoon will kill him and so she goes to Eun ha’s father for a favor.

At the event Min woo almost became the president and died but then the light fell on Ji sook and Min woo ran to save her and nothing happened to them. Phew


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