Scholar Who Walks The Night: Episode 2


It’s a quest of finding two things the first is the diary on how to kill Gwi and the second is the lustful student. He is using the pen name and style of the crown prince from 120 years ago. Who will be able to reach them Seung yeol or Gwi or us or…?

This is Lee yoon. Another crown prince. He is looking for someone and thinks Yang sun is the one but he is searching for a boy. He has his own sad story. His father was killed by Gwi and only Seung yeol knows that. Yoon blames his grandfather, the King.


Soo hyang a giseang knows about the identity of Seung yeol. She wants to be a vampire so she can stay with him and a servant knows about him too.


Yang sun lives with her father, step mom and step-sister. Step mom doesn’t like her but she is friends with her handicapped step-sister and they are under debt.

vlcsnap-2015-07-11-13h37m47s156Seung yeol knows that Yang sun is a girl and he is attracted to her blood.

vlcsnap-2015-07-11-13h40m24s184Gwi is making some plans to lure Seung yeol and uses a little vampire girl to harm Yang sun and Seung yeol comes to her rescue and our heroine asks if he is a human.
Why is she asking that? Did she see him flying? She just saw him tossing the little vampire.



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