Mask: Episode14


But…but…but its not the last or the second last episode. How can Min woo find out about the real identity of Ji sook this early. Why are you taking their sweetest moments from me and them, drama answer me!! It’s over everything is over for now but soon they will be together because Min woo isn’t in love with the name but with a person.

And there is another heartbreak, Ji sook is planning on divorcing Min woo or Seok hoon will kill him. Actually that was the real Eun ha’s plan.

Mi yeon you be ready because karma is a bitch and you killed someone.
And Seok hoon is not crazy evil for no reason. Something has happened to his family and so he is planning revenge on the Choi family.

But my lovely couple T_T

And what did I tell you about the loan sharks. They were trying to be smart with Sook heon and he buried them alive.

The cute moments of our couple T_T

And Ji sook’s father knows that she is alive.

What will happen to our couple?


3 comments on “Mask: Episode14

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  2. Jo says:

    I can”t stand MY omg how can you be this BITTER?!! And at someone who has done nothing to you?!!! SH I liked you this episode and omg OTP moments were ADORABLE! I am happy they didn’t kiss because I want him to kiss and do other things with JS not EH lol and that cliffhanger?!! Wednesday please hurry


    • Miss Khan says:

      MY hates how her husband is only looking at EH and after knowing that she is JS the hatred is grown more and yes LOVED SH when he played the video. the OTP KKKYYYAAAAAAAAAA *dies* wake me up on Wednesday.

      Liked by 1 person

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