Scholar Who Walks The Night: Episode 1


And it’s here the vampires in sageuk. I liked the episode and now let me tell you the story.

This is an owl and we don’t know what character it will play


This is our hero Kim Seung Yeol


and this is his love Myung Hee. They will soon be married but life doesn’t go as we wish.


He is the crown prince and Seung yeol’s friend. He tells a secret to his friend about a vampire.


This is Gwi the vampire. Once upon a time he saved this country and now every king has to obey him. But the crown prince is against this and makes a plan with a guardian vampire.


The guardian vampire happens to be Gwi’s teacher and this is how he greets him.


Things turn from bad to worse the crown prince is killed and Seung Yeol becomes a vampire by the guardian vampire. Seung yeol is given a black robe and he is never to remove it from himself.


Gwi has taken interest in Seung yeol and asks him to be his disciple but that will never happen and so Gwi brings Myung hee and she sacrifices herself for her love.


And 120 years have passed

Yang sun is a girl but is dressed like a boy.


She is a bookseller and meets Seung yeol because he needs the crown princes’ diary. She is in awe when she sees Seung yeol and she is holding a mice looking squirrel and he bits her *blood* and Seung yeol’s eyes glow red and his fangs appear.



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