Mask: Episode 13


Mi yeon is out of her mind. Just because she is unhappy she wants everyone else to be unhappy too. Our guess was right. She is not pregnant and this causes the effect on the whole episode. Mi yeon is hellbent in revealing Ji sook’s real identity. Seok hoon is smart and so he is suspicious of his wife and gets to the truth that she is the one who killed Eun ha. He stopped his wife from watching the video where he killed the loser boyfriend but he doesn’t listen when his wife asks him to do the same.

Mi yeon is not afraid and tells her husband that she knows about his relationship with Eun ha and gives the hint about the switch of Ji Sook and Eun ha. This couple doubts each other

And then we have our OTP and they are genuinely falling in love. Min woo rips the contract and asks Ji sook to be his real wife. I just LOVE their moments because love is the moment.


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